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The Orphek brand has made it its mission to establish an advanced lighting system in marine aquaristics with Dual LED technology.

In addition to lights for marine aquariums, the brand also very successfully produces lighting technologies for public aquariums and zoos, incorporating the latest findings on the light spectrum of LED lighting for this field of application. As a premium manufacturer in the field of LED technology for marine aquariums, Orphek enjoys an excellent international reputation.

The latest lighting technologies from Orphek

Orphek has been looking for a solution to create a light for marine aquariums that is not only made for the human eye, but above all focuses on keeping corals healthy. To achieve this, it was necessary to create a complete spectrum of light in the aquarium on the one hand, but also to address all the receptors and protective mechanisms of the corals, which are responsible for the colors and growth.

Working closely with research and science, the brand has gradually perfected its LED lighting technology and was the first company on the market to use Dual LEDs for marine aquariums.

Special features of this technology:

  • Dual LEDs: Two wavelengths in one package
  • Full spectrum of light for healthy corals
  • Uniform spectrum from 380 – 740mm wavelengths
  • Mixing of different wavelengths for specific targeting of receptors
  • Stimulation of color, fluorescence and growth of corals

Sustainability due to modular design of the lights

A particular advantage of Orphek technology is the modular design of the light systems. This allows the lights to be upgraded to the latest version at any time. In addition, quick repairs are possible in the event of defects without having to replace the entire luminaire. You do not compromise on light quality and enjoy healthy corals that you can enjoy for a long time.

Sustainability for the Orphek brand also means that proven series have been continuously developed further, instead of always bringing new models to the market. For example, it is easily possible to upgrade an Orphek Atlantik V1 from 2012 to the latest Atlantik Icon from 2022 without having to dispose of and replace the outdated system.