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buntesriff is an online store specialized in the distribution of Orphek lights for marine aquaristics. The newest products of the brand are sold here at a very good price-performance ratio directly to private customers, who can bypass the complex and cost-intensive direct import due to the service.

A look back: About the origin of the store

buntesriff was founded in 2007 by Frank Brenner, who is an enthusiastic marine aquarist himself. In the first years his focus was on the development of his own technology and innovative water care products as well as the trade with unusual fish and corals.

In 2012, Frank Brenner had his first contact with Orphek LED lighting and quickly recognized the potential of this innovative lighting technology. After several weeks of testing an Atlantik V1 compared to the previously used T5 lighting above the SPS sales tank, the entire retail store was converted to Orphek LED lights in 2013.

2013: Distribution of Orphek products in Germany.

After Frank Brenner was convinced of the innovation of LED lighting, he simultaneously took over the distribution of Orphek products in Germany. Until then, private customers had only been able to purchase them via direct import – without a local contact and with sometimes long delivery times.

Due to the growing success, the decision was made in 2016 to focus completely on the marketing of Orphek LED luminaires. In 2018, Frank Brenner shifted the stationary trade to the Internet and has since been marketing Orphek LED luminaires exclusively via his own web store.

2022: Relaunch of the online store buntesriff

In 2022, the webshop was completely revised and made accessible to an even larger group of customers. With the new store, customers from France, Belgium and the Netherlands can now also be supplied with Orphek products.

Why buy Orphek products at buntesriff?

Over the years we have acquired a deep knowledge and know-how about Orphek products. We are not only sellers, but also enthusiastic users of this technology ourselves. In addition, our customers benefit from further advantages:

  • Honest advice

Thanks to our accumulated know-how, we offer all customers honest advice at eye level.

  • EU conformity

We guarantee the EU conformity of the luminaires sold by us.

  • In-house workshop

We have our own specialized workshop in order to be able to carry out repairs quickly within the scope of the warranty.

  • Spare parts in stock

In 99% of all cases we have required spare parts directly in stock. This means that repairs only take 24 to 48 hours at the most.

  • Fast delivery

We have a large warehouse in Stuttgart and can deliver within a few days.

  • Legal warranty

As a specialized dealer located in the EU, you will of course receive the legally regulated warranty and, if necessary, fast support from us.


You profit compared to direct import

With our online store we offer our customers an ideal alternative to direct import. By purchasing larger quantities we can offer you best prices for our stocked products. We guarantee our customers a fast delivery within a few days.

Instead of one year international warranty we offer 2 years legal warranty for your order. We offer a personal contact for our customers for all your questions.