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  • When selecting our range, the top priority is always to create the best possible light in the aquarium. In this regard, the best components of the Orphek brand guarantee maximum color diversity and health of corals. In addition, the issue of energy efficiency of aquarium lighting is also more important than ever. Our products meet the highest standards of efficiency. In addition, all lights inspire with their durability, ease of repair and sustainability thanks to upgrade options.


    This product line has been specially developed for public aquariums. The luminaires are set in a very robust and splash-proof housing. You can choose between different lenses and reflectors for different water depths.
    Further product advantages at a glance:

    With iCon series with 6-channel control for versatile possibilities
    The Amazonas 960 series luminaire is also suitable for larger private aquariums.
    Due to the large number of configuration options, we do not offer the Amazonas series online. Please contact us if you are interested.

    Atlantic iCon

    This is the top range in our store. The Meanwell power supply brings it to a power factor of 0.97. This keeps the current flow to the LED far below the rated power for the best efficiency and long life. Dual LEDs are installed in the Atlantik iCon series, achieving a full light spectrum and precisely emphasizing important wavelengths.
    Orphek relies on glass lenses for all <440nm LEDs, as these wavelengths can cause haze in acrylic lenses. The 6-channel control system takes full advantage of the possibilities and optimal dosage of wavelengths that are important for coral growth, fluorescence and coloration. In addition, dimming in 0.1% increments is possible with the Atlantik iCon series products. This allows the authentic moonlight cycle to be mimicked for near-natural conditions in the aquarium. Additional light is not required. Intelligent cooling management is possible thanks to the now speed-controlled fans.

    OR3 Bars

    The manufacturer’s aspiration for this series was to create an affordable, robust and versatile luminaire to complement existing fixtures. They can also be used as a stand-alone solution.
    Over time, the products have been continuously improved:

    In order to be able to maintain the low prices of the series, Orphek has deliberately decided not to dim the beams. Otherwise, there would have been significant sacrifices in the quality of light and efficiency of the lights, or alternatively, a noticeable increase in prices.