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OR3 90 UV/violet


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Orphek OR3 90 UV Led Bar

The OR3 UV is available in 4 sizes. You can choose from 60/90/120/150cm. It emits in the range 380-430 nm. It is the newest model of the series, on which various changes and innovations have been made. In the latest version of the lights have been incorporated significantly larger cooling surfaces, so that despite passive cooling high performance of the OR bars can be achieved. In addition, the dual LEDs of the Atlantik products have been used in the OR3.

What are the product advantages of the OR3 bars?

– Available in many variants and different spectra

– Further increase of the cooling surface

– 2×5 Watt Dual Leds of the Atlantik series in use

– Resistant & IP67 splash water protection

– Best spectrum and highest longevity on the market

– Slim design

– Sustainable thanks to modular design

– Easy mounting (mounting brackets and wire suspension included)

Various mounting options

Thanks to the enclosed mounting brackets and rope suspension, there are numerous mounting options. A universal mounting bracket is available separately, allowing you to combine up to 4 OR3 Bars with one Orphek Atlantic or up to 7 OR3 Bars into one light unit.

Of course, you can also use the OR3 Bars ideally as a supplement to your T5 luminaire or your Led luminaire from another manufacturer.


Orphek always develops and optimizes its products in close cooperation with its customers and their wishes. For some time now, Orphek has been working on incorporating dimming into the Orphek OR3 blue plus LED. The big challenge is not to destroy the robust and durable bars by a sensitive dimming.

However, there will soon be a good solution here that will allow up to 6 bars to be powered from a common power supply and dimmed individually. The prototype has already been shown. The good news is that all OR3 bars can be connected to it without any problems.

Technical data

Number of leds
OR3 60 6 x 400 – 410 nm / 6 x 420 – 425 nm / 6 x 430 – 435 nm
OR3 90 8 x 400 – 410 nm / 8 x 420 – 425 nm / 8 x 430 – 435 nm
OR3 120 12  x 400 – 410 nm / 12 x 420 – 425 nm / 12 x 430 – 435 nm
OR3 150 14 x  400 – 410 nm / 14 x 420 – 425 nm / 14 x 430 – 435 nm
Weight Light unit/total
OR3 60 Light unit 1.20 kg, total 2.5 kg
OR3 90 Light unit 1.65 kg, total 3 kg
OR3 120 Light unit 2.30 kg, total 3.5 kg
OR3 150 Light unit 3.27 kg, total 4.5 kg
OR3 60 63,5 x 5 x 3,6 cm, Housing length 60 cm
OR3 90 93,5 x 5 x 3,6 cm, Housing length 90 cm
OR3 120 123,5 x 5 x 3,6 cm, Housing length 120 cm
OR3 150 153,5 x 5 x 3,6 cm, Housing length 150 cm
Energy consumption
OR3 60 30 W
OR3 90 40W
OR3 120 60W
OR3 150 75W

Which OR3 light colour/variant for which application?

The OR3 UV covers the spectrum from 380-430 nm and is therefore more of a supplementary tube to increase the UV component in the lighting. This can lead to a higher fluorescence in some corals, but from our point of view it is not necessary when using the OR3 blue plus. The use of the OR3 UV gives the lighting a reddish-purple touch, which is very popular in the USA.

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