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Atlantik iCon Compact


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The small version of the new, completely redesigned top model from Orphek.

After the revolutionary discovery that even sensitive corals can grow under LED lighting, the Atlantik iCon is now the 8th evolutionary step of the Atlantik lights. The models have been consistently developed further, weak points have been eliminated and new findings have been incorporated. The result is a luminaire for marine aquariums that leaves nothing to be desired.


Each model in the series can always be upgraded to the latest version. This saves the purchase of a completely new luminaire, thus saving resources and last but not least money!

Spectrum and Leds

  • Beste gleichmäßige Lichtverteilung in der Orphek-Geschichte
  • Perfekte Abdeckung des kompletten Bereiches von 380-740 nm
  • Dual Leds, die unterschiedliche Wellenlängen in einer LED mischen
  • Sehr gleichmäßiges Spektrum ohne Lücken
  • Bestromung der 2×5 Watt Dual Leds der neuesten Generation mit ca. 2×1,5 Watt je Leuchte
  • Hohe Effizienz und lange Lebensdauer


You can set different channels in the lights to simulate the natural light cycle. Channels 1 and 2 together represent the complete spectrum from 380-740 nm.

– Channel 1
has the color of sunrise and sunset. The 590 nm LEDs provide enhanced growth. The infrared LEDs in combination with the red LEDS are responsible for the expression of red in the corals. By adding them to channel 2, the light appears warmer, creates more growth stimuli and promotes red color formation.
– Channel 2
has the color of the midday sun and is the basis for the even and balanced spectrum.
– Channel 3
is cyan blue and enhances the spectrum at 470-490 nm. Thus it improves the striking color formation.
– Channel 4
is the classic blue. It amplifies the spectrum in the 450 nm range. This provides better growth, striking color formation and the good color reproduction.
– Channel 5
is violet and amplifies the spectrum in the range 420-430 nm. This ensures enhanced fluorescence.
– Channel 6
is UV/violet, amplifies the spectrum in the range 400-415 nm. This promotes fluorescence and striking coloration.


The lights can be controlled by app, which is available for free for iOS and Android. You can use it to control your aquarium lighting from anywhere in the world.

There are numerous features included in the app:

  • Mondzyklus
  • Wolkensimulation
  • Akklimatisierungsmodus
  • Quallen-Programm

Our tip: Use the standard “Helius” program

As a default, the Helius program is permanently stored in the app. According to Orphek, this represents the optimum for corals. Helius should always be the base that you customize to your personal needs. You also have the ability to create custom programs for specific applications and objectives through the 6 channels.

Authentic moonlight simulation

Through the app, it is possible to set up an authentic moonlight simulation in 0.1% dimming increments. Where previously only moonlight could be simulated, now even a moonlight cycle can be set.

Cooling of the lights

Orphek  offers cooling of the lights at the highest level. The base body of the luminaire has been equipped with higher cooling fins. Furthermore, an additional cooling surface has been introduced through the aluminum cover plate for up to 30% improved heat dissipation. At the same time, the noise of the fans could be minimized by speed control.

More info at https://www.orphek.com

Technical data


Length 345 mm, width 238 mm, height 54 mm


Light unit 3.97 kg, power supply 1.02 kg


From light unit to power supply 2.85 m, mains cable 1.5 m.

Suspension set

2 steel cables á 250 mm, 1 steel cable 1.8 m.

Electrical data

Meanwell power supply HLG-150H-36A, power consumption 123-130W, power factor 0.97.

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