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Orphek LED technology: Best LED lighting for colorful and healthy corals

Today, modern marine aquaristics strives to keep extremely colourful and rare corals. The right lighting conditions are an absolute prerequisite for this. Classic LED lights quickly reach their limits here. The manufacturer Orphek, on the other hand, recognised early on how important an even and uninterrupted light spectrum is for healthy coral growth.

Orphek offers innovative LEDs for reef aquariums for the best coral colours

For a long time, the standard for LED lights was a mixture of blue and white LEDs, which produced bright and effective colours – a perfect picture to the human eye. However, the incomplete spectrum always led to problems with coral health in the medium term.  Orphek was the first manufacturer to reproduce the complete light spectrum by mixing different LEDs and to fully exploit the advantages of LED technology in marine aquaristics.

Comparison of Led and T5 for a marine aquarium: What is the difference?

For a long time, T5 fluorescent tubes were considered the gold standard for reef lighting. The key advantage was that T5s produced a very uniform and complete light spectrum. LEDs, on the other hand, only emit in a very narrow range, which means you have to mix many different LEDs. Otherwise you get an impressive picture, but the corals degenerated underneath.

What did Orphek do differently?

Orphek realised early on that a mixture of many different LEDs is needed for an even and full spectrum of light. Corals have different receptors and protective mechanisms that are responsible for growth and colour, among other things.

The full spectrum ensures healthy corals. By selectively adding certain wavelengths, it is possible to target these receptors and thereby stimulate certain colours, fluorescence or growth, for example. Through intensive research and close cooperation with coral breeders and experts, Orphek has gradually perfected LED lighting technology and was the first company to use Dual LEDs.

Dual LEDs for natural coral colours and healthy growth

With Dual LEDs, Orphek uses a special technology where LEDs can produce two wavelengths in one housing. This means that twice the usual number of LEDs are bundled in one housing to produce an optimal, uniform spectrum. At the same time, the wavelengths important for colouration, fluorescence and growth could be emphasised more – without having to make compromises.

Advantages & innovations of Orphek Led lights:

  • Uniform spectrum from 380 – 740 nm wavelength.
    The LED light spectrum is in no way inferior to that of T5 lighting, which ensures healthy corals and is the basis for good Led lighting.
  • Targeted stimulation of growth, colouration and fluorescence
    By using Dual LEDs and the appropriate arrangement of the LEDs, specific wavelengths in the spectrum can be raised in order to stimulate the growth, fluorescence or colouration of the corals.
  • Sustainability
    All lights are modular, easy to repair and can be upgraded to the latest model at any time. This saves resources and costs.

Why buy Orphek Led lights at buntesriff?

Orphek enjoys an exclusive international reputation and is particularly well represented in the USA and Asia. Due to strict EU regulations, however, the brand is still an insider’s tip in the EU and can only be obtained privately under great hurdles. buntesriff is one of the few dealers in the EU who officially import and offer Orphek products. We guarantee our customers fast availability, a longer warranty and offer appropriate support as a local contact.

The shop is the passion of Frank Brenner, an enthusiastic marine aquarist.
In search of the best LED lights for fancy fish and corals, he became aware of Orphek in 2012 and contacted the brand.
Today, buntesriff offers an all-round service for aquarium owners who do not want to compromise when it comes to lighting technology.

With our new shop, we also supply end customers in Belgium, the Netherlands and France, as well as dealers within the EU (except Italy, Spain and Portugal) on request.